Purifie Smellzoff for Pet Home

Purifie Smellzoff for Pet Home

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  • Fragrance Free
  • Organic
  • Safe

Purifie® SmellzOff™ is a specially designed and formulated odour absorber to tackle the common problem of lingering odour in pet’s living quarters. SmellzOff™ is fragrance free and organic which makes it safe to use around your pet.

Just place Purifie® SmellzOff™ in your pet’s cage and it will actively absorb the smell from the source and reduce it from preventing into your environment, keeping air clean and fresh.

How to use

  1. Remove wrapper and place container at the corner of the cage. Secure it with the cable tie whenever possible
  2. Clean cage regularly to maintain hygiene for your pet(s)
  3. Up to 2 months usage life after wrapper is removed
  4. Recycle used Purifie® SmellzOff™ in garden soil as soil conditioner