Optiseb® Pet eyedrop & cleanser

Optiseb® Pet eyedrop & cleanser

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Pet eyedrop & cleanser for dogs, cats, small animals & horses 

- Anti Germs, Anti swelling, Anti itch and Redness

How to use:

1) For germs, swelling, itch ad redness:

- use 2-3 drops 3 times a day for 7 or 14 or 21 or 30 days as required. 

Note: Swelling and redness of eyes will begin to subside in 7 or 14 or 21 or 30 days, depending severity. 


Foenicullum Vulgare, Euphrasia officianalis (Eyebright herb), Calendula, Matricaria recutita

For Animal Use only

For External Use only