No-Flea Cat Shampoo

No-Flea Cat Shampoo

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Anti-Flea Shampoo for Cats

For the treatment of fleas and lice of cats

  • Remove and repel flea and lice
  • Anti-germs
  • Control body odour
  • Safe for small kittens

No-flea Cat Shampoo removes and repels fleas and lice naturally. It is formulated to display the natural benefits derived from the combination of selected plant extracts including neem, citronella and tea tree oil to collectively maximize their traditionally known insect repelling and skin care properties in a mild shampoo base with hair-coat conditioners.

Directions for use

Wet pets coat thoroughly. Apply liberal amount of shampoo on different parts of the body. Rub thoroughly into depth of hair coat until covered with rich lather. Leave for 5 – 10 minutes before complete rinse off with water. Repeat as necessary. Regular usage of this shampoo on weekly or such appropriate intermittent periods together with good cat-house hygiene will help contribute to a controlled situation free from fleas and lice.



Neem, Citronella, Tea tree oil.