Nature’s Eco Cat Litter

Nature’s Eco Cat Litter

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Thank you for buying this recycled paper product. Did you know that up to 40% of all waste going to landfills today is paper?

Many post-consumer wastes such as newspaper can be repurposed through recycling. Recovering and recycling the waste paper can have a positive impact on our environment.

Recycling is one of the many ways we can help to keep our environment green. Vital resources are conserved when paper is recycled. For every ton of paper that is recycled, the following are saved:

  • 17 trees
  • 125kg of sulphur
  • 160kg of limestone
  • 4,000 kg of steam
  • 227,000 litres of water
  • 225 kilowatt hours
  • 5 cubic metre of landfill space


NATURE'S ECO® recycled paper litter was specially developed to eliminate bad odours in a natural way without any chemicals or additives. It has the remarkable ability to easily absorb fluids up to 3 times its own weight. This removes all nasty odours very quickly. Highly recommended for all indoor cats and small animals especially pets with the tendency to produce strong smelly urine.

  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • Excellent odour control
  • Super absorbency
  • Eco-friendly
  • Designed for low tracking
  • Minimal dust
  • Lightweight
  • Biodegradable product
  • Available in 3L, 10L, 20L and 30L sizes

Nature’s Eco Recycled Paper Cat Litters are Eco-Friendly:

  • 100% recycled paper product
  • 100% chemical- free process
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • 100% sterile


100% recycled newspaper.

Directions For Use:

  1. Pour an even layer of Nature’s EcoTM Recycled Paper Cat Litter into a clean cat litter tray to a depth of 5-7cm.
  2. Remove solid waste daily using a litter scoop. Stir pellets to aerate.
  3. Top up with pellets as needed. Completely replace at least once a week.
  4. Clean cat litter tray with warm water and mild detergent between litter changes.
  5. Use waste litter as garden mulch.


Transitioning Your Cat

While some cats can switch from one litter type to another quite easily, your cat may require a transition. If so, please follow this transition guide:

Week 1 – Mix 1/3 Nature’s EcoTM Recycled Paper Cat Litter with 2/3 your current litter.

Week 2 – Mix 1/2 Nature’s EcoTM Recycled Paper Cat Litter with 1/2 your current litter

Week 3 – 100% Nature’s EcoTM Recycled Paper Cat Litter.


Storage Instruction:

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep sharp objects clear of packaging.



Not for human consumption. Gloves should be worn when handling cat litter, particularly pregnant women and people with suppressed immune system. Keep cat litter tray away from food and food preparation areas. Always wash hands thoroughly after handling cat litter tray. Do not dispose of cat litter into sewerage or septic tanks.