Forbis Perfume Conditioner
Forbis Perfume Conditioner

Forbis Perfume Conditioner

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Complementary for cats and dogs.


  • This conditioner, specially formulated for your pet, helps keep their coat glossy by nourishing and moisturizing it and by preventing entanglement and statics for easy brushing.

Direction For Use:

  • Spray the Aloe perfume conditioner on the fur and brush the fur evenly.
  • Avoid spray on the face.


  • Require to take necessary precautions if it’s under the medical treatment for various diseases, or if skin abnormalities occur, such as occurrence of red spot, swell and itching, etc. while using the shampoo, for those having a weak constitution or under medication.
  • For using on less than 6 weeks after birth old baby, the old aged or for the one which has just delivered the babies, please consult a veterinarian and follow his or her instruction.
  • Be careful not to get it in their eyes, but if it has contact with the eyes, rinse it out with clean water thoroughly.
  • In case of white coat, please do patch test before use it that whether the coat getting discolored or/and decolor by this products.
  • Closing the spray gun tightly and keeping it straight, store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Keep it in a place out of the reach of animals or children.