Forbis Good Puppy

Forbis Good Puppy

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Complementary for puppy.


  • It is good for your puppy to have good toilet habit.

Direction For Use:

  • Please drip the proper amount (one or few drops) of the formula on the pad or newspapers for toilet training of your puppy.
  • As puppies under 6-8 weeks old do not have keen sense of smell, begin with the areas from the kennel and then move to area of you want. (such as bathroom)
  • Give enough praise and reward to your puppy, when your puppy evacuate at the designated place.
  • Let the puppy be familiar with this product by repetition.


  • For canine use only.
  • Be careful to avoid eye contact.
  • If the product is in contact with eye, wash the cleaner with clean water thoroughly and seek medical advice.
  • If the product is in contact with the skin or hair of pet or human, wash the product with soap and lukewarm water thoroughly.
  • Don’t move the product to other container.
  • Take care your dog will not eat the product.
  • If your dog ate the product, consult veterinarian.