Forbis Good Ears

Forbis Good Ears

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Complementary for dogs.


  • It can help removes earwax, odor and maintains clean external auditory meatus, also prevents bacterial infection for dog.

Direction For Use:

  • Carefully drip the adequate amount of the cleaner in/around ears. (5-6 drops based on small dogs)
  • Massage the ear area for the proper infiltration into the earwax.
  • Remove the earwax gently with a cotton ball or a cotton swap.


  • For canine use only.
  • Don’t use the contaminated, discolored or corrupt product
  • For external use only.
  • Do not apply to less than 3 months old dogs.
  • When you treat ear diseases, use the product as instructed after consulting veterinarian for wound before/during treatment, skin disorder such as red spot, swelling, itching, etc or weak constitution, during medication, aged dog or during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Be careful to avoid eye contact.
  • If the product is in contact with eye, wash the cleaner with clean water thoroughly and seek medical advice.