Forbis Dental Clean

Forbis Dental Clean

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Complementary for cats and dogs.


  • Helps prevent plaque and tartar build up.
  • Made with pure taste and scent that your dog loves.

Direction For Use:

  • Squeeze proper amount (1~2cm) of the toothpaste on the brush and clean teeth and tongue.
  • Swallow the paste instead of spiting it out.
  • Using method when a puppy cannot brush.
    • Method 1: Squeeze proper amount and let the puppy to lick it up.
    • Method 2: Mix with feed.
  • It is recommended for your puppy to be accustomed to the above method. Then, the puppy may brush teeth easily.


  • For canine/feline use only.
  • When you treat the disease in the mouth or teeth, or other diseases, use the product according to veterinarian’s instructions.
  • If any wound, skin disorder such as red spot, swelling, etc before use, consult veterinarian.
  • Stop using the cleaner and consult us or veterinarian in case of following disorders.(Adverse effects: red spot, swelling, itching, etc)
  • If the animal vomits or does unusual behavior, stop using the product and consult veterinarian.
  • Don’t use the contaminated, discolored or corrupt product.
  • Be careful to avoid eye contact.
  • If the product is in contact with eye, wash the cleaner with clean water thoroughly and seek medical advice.