Beaphar Eye Gel

Beaphar Eye Gel

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Diagnos Eye Gel (Beaphar Eye Gel)

Why do animals have eye problems?

Air pollution, pollen, etc. can irritate the eyes of dogs and cats, making them sore and inflamed. Hay, straw and sawdust make excellent bedding for small animal, but can be dusty or cause minor abrasions. This may result in dryness of the eye, irritation and puffiness.

How does Eye Gel help?

Beaphar eye gel acts as an additional lubricant for the cornea. It soothes dryness and helps the eye to flush itself clean naturally.


Place a single drop of eye gel directly onto the surface of the eye, ensuring the tube does not touch the eye. The gel will gently melt and start helping the eye. You may find it helpful to use an old towel to keep the animal’s legs under control while you are doing this.

If symptoms persist beyond 1-2 days, we recommend further veterinary advice be sought.