Beaphar Eye Cleaner (Eye Lotion)
Beaphar Eye Cleaner (Eye Lotion)
Beaphar Eye Cleaner (Eye Lotion)

Beaphar Eye Cleaner (Eye Lotion)

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Diagnos Eye Drops (Beaphar Eye Lotion)

Complementary for dogs and cats.

  • Contains: Purified water, Sodium chloride, MSM (Menthyl Sulfonyl Methane), Benzalkonium chloride.
  • Specially formulated to gently soothe & clean the eyes.
  • It can be used prior to treatment of eye conditions or used regulary to help keep eyes clean and free of excess dirt which may lead to other eye problems.
  • Suitable for use around the eyes, so aiding the removal of tear stains.
  • Specially formulated with MSM( Methyll Sulfonyl Methane) for special care of sensitive skin around the eyes.
  • MSM is a natural source of sulfur and, when used regulary, has been shown to relieve allergies, speed healing, and promote well-being.

Directions of use

  • As an eyewash: Place the pipette at the corner of the eye.
  • Squeeze in one or two drops and then allow the animal to blink.
  • Wipe away any excess cleaner along with any dirt with cotton wool or tissues.
  • To prevent tear stains: Place one or two drops of Eye Lotion on a piece of cotton wool and wipe around the eyes until the fur is clean.


  • Do not use on animals under 12 weeks of age or on animals which are under veterinary supervision for an eye problem.
  • If you are at all unsure about any aspect of eye care, consult your Veterinary Surgeon. Use within four weeks of opening.